Nicest thankyou ever from an amazing couple!!! (we love our couples, they are just so nice)

HI Adam and Kari and Radelle! Thank you all so very much for the AMAZING photos!!! My heart stopped when they came in the mail, and so soon! Danny and I have been looking at them over and over AND OVER! They are beautiful! Does that make my conceded??? Is that even how you spell conceded? Either way, I love them. WE love them! You caught every detail. From my shoe 'collection' to Danny's beautiful eyes. And when you asked at the dinner to take our rings to take photos of them and we joked that you were going to run off with them...I loved that you left your car keys with us!! You were so fun to hang out with all day! We were thrilled to see what you went off and did with our rings! incorporating the water foutain with them, the stone detail, and using our flowers as a backdrop. I could write this email forever! I am just so excited to have my pictures from you! We really did pick the best photographers ever! And at a great price :)Adam and Kari, you were a great addition to the day! What amazing people you are and I loved every idea you had for our pictures. You made it so easy! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much.I look forward to the dress trashing photo session with you. It is going to be a great night and I know you are going to make a great photo opt out of it! Now, I am going to get back to looking through our AMAZING photos for the million-th time! So much for going out on Friday nights...I'de rather sit right here at my computer and look at your amazing work! you are the best decision we made with wedding planning and I recommend you to everyone I see. Love always, Alanna and Danny Young


Bridal Conference!

Well we had an absolute blast at the bridal conference! We met the nicest people of all time and are so excited about our upcoming year! It has only been 3 days since the fair, and dates are literally flying off the calender. If you are wanting us to shoot your wedding, you need to email quickly ( as we are taking the bookings on a first come first save basis as we work our way through our inbox!
The two main things that we heard over and over as people would visit our booth were a) how stunning and fun the pictures were and b) how fantatic our prices are. We love hearing both of those things.
We truly consider it a privledge (and the best job in the world!) to be able to be a part of such an important day, and hopefully make it that much funner and more beautiful by what we have to offer.


In Love...

Just got this today. Made our hearts swell. Man we love what we do!

" I just Had to write to tell you that my heart nearly stopped beating! I just got my package in the mail, and not only is the album stunning, but every photo on the DVD is incredible. You didnt miss a detail! There were shots on there that I had NO idea you had taken! what a great suprise. Never mind that both me and my husband teared up as we flipped throught the images of us! You totally caught our personality and our romance. My favorites are the one one of us walking off in the park (soo romantic!), the tender one (its a closeup) of him kissing my forehead and the super fun one of us laughing (im totally putting that one above my couch. it makes me smile so much).
I just had to email and tell you that we are beyond in love with our photos and will be telling everyone we know about you. God bless you guys!!!
-Kathy & David (your newest best friends!LOL!)


Chic Bride and Fun Loving Groom

Krystal and Booker are the whole package. Not only are they the type of people that you love the instant you meet them, but they are so fun, and most of all, so in love with each other. They are a couple of the nicest, most thoughtful people that you will ever meet, and it was truly our honor to spend the day with them. Krystal, like most of our brides, went with our amazing Extravaganza Package, and this is one of her lovely collages.....

This collage is the first time booker saw her. They opted to see each other before the ceremony, and we just loved the tender moments captured. He adores her, isnt it just awesome !!( Of course we adore her as well, she is real darling!)
Krystal showing booker "whose boss"!

We are always telling our couples to incorperate their personalities into the picture. Booker is a big time ball player, and wouldnt you guess that these photos ended up being the ones that he loved the most!This series is so fun. Krystal was supposed to "pretend swing", only she didnt know that. The ball ended up on our poor groom where no ball should.....

The groomsmen were a riot, they literally ran up this wall, turned and jumped!

What is a wedding without some dramatic, turn your head, take your mothers-breath-away images....?

What a wonderful day. Thanks for having all 3 of us shoot it! You really went all out, and from all of us (Adam, Kari & Radelle), we wish you the very very best.
Much Love.


Brooke & Connor. A full day of photography example!

We decided that we would blog more images from this wedding then we usually do, so that couples who are inquiring about booking us, can have a better feel for the type of pictures that we take, the amount, the quality, the attention to details and the style. The next 3 or 4 blog posts (scroll down), will take you through Brooke and Connor's day (which was so awesome!). They will be getting all kinds of goodies with their package, including the DVD with all of the pictures (all touched up, highest resolution) on it. They will have around 1500 images on it! So, while this is a longer blog post then usual, featuring more images then we usually feature, it is still not even close to their entire wedding day! (we will be featuring around 70 images....)
why are we featuring so many pictures, from begining to end? Well, we believe that wedding photography is a HUGE part of your day...and there are a lot of photographers out there with a SLR camera and a business card. We feel that it is important to know who and what you are hiring. Anyone can show 3 or 4 nice pictures from a wedding! (even uncle john with his point and shoot!), what you need to look for when you are looking to hire a photographer is that they can cover the entire event with amazing photos. That every photos is jaw dropping and not just the 3 or 4 that they feature.
So, please enjoy a "larger then usual" sneak peek into Brooke and Connor's amazing day! The flowers were so well done!

We love to capture the details....
Everyone getting all gussy'd up!


Just a few images to give you an idea of ceremony coverage. This couple ended up with nearly 100 images from their ceremony alone! Here are just a few....

Brooke arrived on horseback. It was one of those moments where time stands still...

doesnt every girl just love when her hubby gets all choked up?


First kiss as a married couple!