K&B+Enchanting. ity bity tiny weeny sneak peek.

These two are what Love is. As such, we have about a million images to blog. These are just a few to get you really excited for the rest (they are breathtaking). These were just picked at random, but show the variety that we got, the dramatic, the romantic, the classic portrait and there is only about 500 more to come (ok so not all of them on the blog!). Krystal and Booker are madly in love with each other, and it was our lovely and ulta fun job to capture that for them.

So on to our ity bity tiny weeny sneak peek....

(emailed to us..)
"Seriously, so beautiful!!! eekk! i cannot wait to get the disk! they are amazing, and beautiful!!! oh, i just feel so in love just looking at them!!! you've done good!"

(we love you too krystal!)


Hotel MacDonald Wedding Photography

MaryAnne & Justin
I'll keep the write up small for now and just give you viewers a large load of stunning pictures to look at! Suffice it to say that MaryAnne & Justin's wedding was a class act and no expense was spared. It was so fantastic, so classy & rich (even the fabrics!), and yet so darling and intimate. I dont know that I have seen a groom look at a Bride the way Justin looked at MaryAnne. It would about stop your heart. Amazing. These two are so cute, and their families love each other (what a great start in life!!), so it is all just perfect! Ok, I said that I wasnt going to write much (but I did...)
Now onto the Exquisite Images...
(**Updated: this is what they wrote after seeing this sneak peek: )
"Oh my goodness Radelle and Adam, the pictures are absolutely breath taking! We are so anxious to see more of them. We had such a blast with you guys. You both were amazing! Thanks for capturing the special moments on out wedding day. We appreciated it more than words can describe. Still on our honeymoon in St. Lucia, and we are having a wonderful time:) "
Take care, Mary Anne & Justin