still smitten...

These two got married in Jasper!! It was a fantastic day, with the most incredible people, adorable couple with more life, spunk and humor then I think ive ever seen in any 2 people (and I havent even mentioned how fun their wedding party was!). The pictures went really well as these two were up for anything and everything, and we had beautiful Jasper to work with. Here is a mini sneak peek of a few of my faveorites! It was such an honor to spend the day amongst these folks!! Congrats you two! (oh and they had, by far, the best slideshow ive ever funny...)

Christy was beyond stunning....
These two laugh alot. They really enjoy each other!

She's sassy!

and she's got this incredibly presence...

The girls were all dolls. beautiful inside and out. great group.
They guys were a hoot. They had me giggling a few times...

THE dress!! wowsa!

I loved this day. Loved the photos. Loved the couple.
Love my job.


So Exquisite!

I just found this (yes, I should be proofing images, but heck, a girl needs a break once in a while!), and loved it. You can put it as a centerpiece with a tall (equally smashing) candle on it. I think it is especially perfect for a winter themed wedding (although we are pretty much into spring here). Regardless, I think its so pretty, and will be getting some for my home very likely!
Just thought id share.... (oh and for those who are emailing about this sleepy blog, im just really busy with clients, weddings and proofing ..okay and a little baby...but will blog more..promise!)

" Call it a tiara to crown your candles – this exquisite candle accessory adds an understated hint of style and glamour with much ease. Each set consists of a candle ring decorated with fancy pearls and clear beads, while accompanied by a chic mirrored coaster. "