Its all I dreamed of...

I like to think of myself as a happy, up-beat person. I'll tell you why I am. Here is the secret. I just love my life. I am married to the most talented man ever. He is also so kind, so generous of heart and so thoughtful. He really treats me like a princess, and as such, I am a huge believer in love. This seems to come through in my photos, and I have Adam to thank for that. Not only does he impress me with his photographic techniques/poses/shots/ideas all the time, but he is the inspiration for mine. Additionally, I am totally blessed with the most darling baby face you ever did see. Rockwell lights up my life and gives me so much joy. He reminds me of what really matters in life. Relationships & Love. I am a romantic and always will be. I am sooo in the right profession with the right husband and son. Here is a quick picture of those that I love.

The littlest member of our team

I had promised a few of you pictures of our son as a newborn. Well 9 fun, amazing months have gone by, (oops) so here he is! This is our little man. We are so smitten with him. Those of you with kids know what im talking about, there is nothing you wouldnt do for those big darling eyes. Enjoy!


Its in the details

When we shoot your wedding, we try so hard to make the pictures reflect you, your personality and your unique love. This really isnt hard to do, despite the fact that we shoot so many weddings, because we are passionate about what we do. When we are shooting for you, we literally imagine our shots on the walls of your home, you passing them in the hallway and feeling those same tender feelings for your hubby all over again. Your little ones looking at them and saying "how come you are kissing" or "mommy you looked like a princess". We really believe that we are creating art for your home. This was really realised today as we recieved this email from a bride from about a month ago...

Wow Radelle,
Thank-you so much for the photos. You did such a wonderful job as always.
I started looking at them at work and had to stop at about the 10th one (
the one with my shoes beside my dad's cowboy boots)because I was crying.
It was the little things and the precious moments you captured which made
the pictures so great and memories we will look back on for years to come.
I don't know how we will ever pick our favorite pictures. It was amazing
the number of people who asked me that day and are still asking who out
photographer was because of the unique shots you took and how easy going
you were. You made it fun.
Thank-you again Radelle. We look forward to seeing you at more weddings in
the future:)
Tyler and Kim


Hotel Macdonald Wedding Photography

We just LOVE shooting weddings at the Hotel Macdonald. Every wedding at hotel mac is so stunning! The hotel lends itself to lovely lovely photos. Because we typically feature the romance portraits (Bride & Groom) on the blog, we thought we'd show you a glimpse into the Reception photography. Enjoy!!

MaryAnne & Justin were led into the room by a belly dancer. so cool.

Another Belly Dancer came in later in the night

These next few are just a "few" (we take TONS) examples of the expressions that we capture during toasts


The most darling little cupcakes you ever did see...

Just snopping around Etsy and found these little treasures! I thought they were beyond darling. See them HERE

These faux cupcakes are perfect favors for any elegant occasions and special events, like weddings, baptismal, 18th birthday, anniversaries, etc. Your guests will be delighted with these wonderful giveaways.The faux cupcake sits in a silver foil cup which wrapped with an elegantly printed paper. The fake frosting is vanilla scented, decorated with tiny sparkling faux gems and is topped with your choice of photo holder: a wire loop or an alligator clip. So, these faux cupcakes are not just eye candy, but also serve a purpose of holding notes and photos, and also to decorate your home and office space. A ribbon adds a finishing touch to each of these lovely fake treats.I can personalize these faux cupcakes for you by adding monograms or event details.Each faux cupcake is individually packaged in a clear box


Awesome Pair

Im far more brief on this blog then Radelle, however I totally enjoyed this wedding. The wedding party was so outgoing and fun and the Bride and Groom were as well! This couple not only looked totally hot for the camera, they were so in love (easy shooting) and incredibly genuine nice people. The day was a blast and we had so much fun. I wont bother blogging the more traditional photos, here are the fun & romantic ones!!
All the very very best to you two!

Words that touched our hearts...We love what we do!

Just recieved this email from one of my favorite Brides! Adam & I both shot this wedding (they went for the 2nd photographer add-on option) and we just fell in love with these two. MaryAnne's email reminded me that I forgot to blog more photos of her jaw-dropping reception (hello, it was at the Hotel Macdonald after all! one of our favorite places to shoot!).
We just LOVE what we do, and we are so glad that it shows.
Our motto is "Photography for Fabulous People" and these two are just fabulous in every single way (especially in their gratitude!)
Hi Radelle and Adam,
The pictures are amazing!!! You both are so gifted, each pictures is so artistic and unique in it's own special way. I have no idea how we are going to choose between them. Not to mention the slide show took my breathe away, plus made me cry. The day went by so fast, it was so nice to see the the special moments captured. The slides show almost looked like a video. We received so many compliments. Everyone has said you guys are outstanding, not one picture is bad. You both were so awesome to work with! There are not words to express our thanks. Take care from the newlyweds, Mary Anne and Justin
P.S I will email you with what we have chosen, it is so hard, I think I need a bigger album, lol!