Sneak Peek! Lethbridge Wedding Photography

Super busy here at the office. Not a lot of time to type. This wedding was so romantic! Outdoors, under the tallest trees you ever did see. The couple did the cutest "sand" ceremony with twigs, and leaves and berries (showing their outdoorsy sides). It was a hot day, but we all survived, and had a great time!
All the best you two!

Lyndsi & Jeff

This group was such a blast. The couple was adorable and so in love, and the wedding party was so fun, cooperative and up for anything. Besides being very good looking, this couple was excellent at "posing" and able to just get into the moment. I think that it really shows in the photos. I really enjoyed my day with them, they are fantastic people!

little treat for Shannon & Tyler. Rocky Mountain House Wedding Photography

May I just say that we always get the sweetest most stunning brides. However, this year has really been such a treat with our grooms as well, and this guy takes the cake. Tyler is so thoughtful and so in love with Shannon that it would make women the world over ache for that kind of love. He is smitten, and he doesnt care. In fact he is so happy. I told him at the reception how great I thought Shannon was, and he said "oh you have no idea. I am so lucky". He really is, but with a guy like that, so is Shannon. Great couple, emotional day. I teared up numerous times at their wedding & reception. the Love was thick.