Chic Bride and Fun Loving Groom

Krystal and Booker are the whole package. Not only are they the type of people that you love the instant you meet them, but they are so fun, and most of all, so in love with each other. They are a couple of the nicest, most thoughtful people that you will ever meet, and it was truly our honor to spend the day with them. Krystal, like most of our brides, went with our amazing Extravaganza Package, and this is one of her lovely collages.....

This collage is the first time booker saw her. They opted to see each other before the ceremony, and we just loved the tender moments captured. He adores her, isnt it just awesome !!( Of course we adore her as well, she is real darling!)
Krystal showing booker "whose boss"!

We are always telling our couples to incorperate their personalities into the picture. Booker is a big time ball player, and wouldnt you guess that these photos ended up being the ones that he loved the most!This series is so fun. Krystal was supposed to "pretend swing", only she didnt know that. The ball ended up on our poor groom where no ball should.....

The groomsmen were a riot, they literally ran up this wall, turned and jumped!

What is a wedding without some dramatic, turn your head, take your mothers-breath-away images....?

What a wonderful day. Thanks for having all 3 of us shoot it! You really went all out, and from all of us (Adam, Kari & Radelle), we wish you the very very best.
Much Love.