Brooke & Connor. A full day of photography example!

We decided that we would blog more images from this wedding then we usually do, so that couples who are inquiring about booking us, can have a better feel for the type of pictures that we take, the amount, the quality, the attention to details and the style. The next 3 or 4 blog posts (scroll down), will take you through Brooke and Connor's day (which was so awesome!). They will be getting all kinds of goodies with their package, including the DVD with all of the pictures (all touched up, highest resolution) on it. They will have around 1500 images on it! So, while this is a longer blog post then usual, featuring more images then we usually feature, it is still not even close to their entire wedding day! (we will be featuring around 70 images....)
why are we featuring so many pictures, from begining to end? Well, we believe that wedding photography is a HUGE part of your day...and there are a lot of photographers out there with a SLR camera and a business card. We feel that it is important to know who and what you are hiring. Anyone can show 3 or 4 nice pictures from a wedding! (even uncle john with his point and shoot!), what you need to look for when you are looking to hire a photographer is that they can cover the entire event with amazing photos. That every photos is jaw dropping and not just the 3 or 4 that they feature.
So, please enjoy a "larger then usual" sneak peek into Brooke and Connor's amazing day! The flowers were so well done!

We love to capture the details....
Everyone getting all gussy'd up!