In Love...

Just got this today. Made our hearts swell. Man we love what we do!

" I just Had to write to tell you that my heart nearly stopped beating! I just got my package in the mail, and not only is the album stunning, but every photo on the DVD is incredible. You didnt miss a detail! There were shots on there that I had NO idea you had taken! what a great suprise. Never mind that both me and my husband teared up as we flipped throught the images of us! You totally caught our personality and our romance. My favorites are the one one of us walking off in the park (soo romantic!), the tender one (its a closeup) of him kissing my forehead and the super fun one of us laughing (im totally putting that one above my couch. it makes me smile so much).
I just had to email and tell you that we are beyond in love with our photos and will be telling everyone we know about you. God bless you guys!!!
-Kathy & David (your newest best friends!LOL!)