Waterton Wedding
*Sneak Peek*
This couple radiated love! It is hard to explain... but if you could see them together you could understand what I am saying. They have it together. He cherishes her, she adores him. They laugh together always and they could not take their eyes off eachother...
Their eyes said it all.

At her wedding, she had such beautiful details that had such meaning. My eyes got watery.
From her her Ring... to Two Potted Plants.
Not a detail out of place.

I loved spending the entire day with them.
It was Perfect. Absolutely Perfect.



Time for some answers

Well with an inbox flooding over from photographers and brides, we thought it is high time that we answer them! With it being in the middle of wedding season, we do not have the time to email every photographer back, so we thought we would try to do these type of posts to help answer your questions! So, here are answers to a few!

Q: I am Loving those dramatic type of photos, how can I make sure we achieve them on my wedding day?

A: One of the best things that you can do is look through fashion magazines and practice dramatic "looks" in the mirror. The next best thing you can do is have a long veil. The fun/dramatic shots that we can do with a long veil is unreal. You can pick them up on ebay for around $30. Even if you dont "wear" it as part of your wedding outfit (this bride didnt), it still can give you some really glamerous type of shots.

Q: Your brides skin always looks so fresh & glowy, how do you achieve this?

A: We do some retouching in photoshop, but the real secret is having a skilled makeup artist apply your makeup. These gals (& guys) know what they are doing and can make you look your very best. Its your wedding day, this is one splurge that you should do. After all, your face is not only in all your photos, but something that everyone sees! (we also highly recommend false lashes as they really make a difference in photos). The makeup artist that recommend exclusively is Faces By Olive (book early, she fills up very fast).

Q: We would like photos of our cake cutting & bouquet toss, but notice your packages only have your staying until the 3rd dance, can you stay longer?

A: We can stay longer for an additional hourly rate, or you can do what a lot of our brides do, and do the cake cutting and/or bouquet toss before you begin the dance.

Q: How do you get such intimate/romantic looks from your clients? The results are truly remarkable?

A: They are in love, its easy. Just be easy to be around, be real, and you will get that back in the photos. Let them know that it is okay to cuddle & kiss, that this is their day, and they will usually run with that. It also helps to love what you do as happiness is contagious. They will be excited about their photos if you are, and that shows in their expressions and in the spark in their eye.

More later!