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Drayton Valley Wedding Photography

Eternal Reflections Photography & Studios is now pleased to annouce that we are taking bookings for Wedding Photography in Drayton Valley.
Drayton valley wedding photography!
Drayton Valley Weddings have a fantastic feel to them. The most incredible nature surrounds Drayton Valley and incorperating that into the photographs is only natural. Drayton Valley also boats some fantastic rustic & colored walls that can give such nice variety to the photographs. Wedding Photographs from Drayton Valley weddings always have such nice variety and are always among some of our favorite shots!
Not to mention that the people there are always super nice & up for some very chic and fantastic photography!
If you are planning a Drayton Valley Wedding, it is worth your time to check out the fantastic Mackenzie Conference Centre
P: 780.514.2233F: 780.514.2527E:
The new Mackenzie Conference Centre will be linked to the Omniplex and will be able to provide space for 416 people in a dining setting and 522 people in a lecture setting. Once it is opened to the Curling Rink Lounge it will have a maximum capacity of 624 in a dining setup and 842 in a lecture setup. It has the ability to be divided into two sections in case you want to separate your functions, allowing for two different activities to occur simultaneously.
email us as soon as possible if you are planning a drayton valley wedding.
Drayton valley wedding photography
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