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alligator pie

Adam and I were driving home from a fantastic date at the batting cages & go carts (and yes, bumper boats. I made him get into the bumper boats while I rocked out any road/boat rage ive ever had) and we got talking.
me: "have I ever told you abour the poem I performed in grade one?"
Adam: (fibbing) "no"
me: "it was called Alligator Pie, and I practiced for weeks. Shall I perform it now?"Adam: "sure honey"
me: "alligator pie, alligator pie, if i dont get some i think im gonna die. give away my hockey stick, give away the sky, but don't give away my alligator pie. Alligator soup, alligator soup, if i dont get some i think im going to droop....(etc) " (yes I performed the whole thing). (in a very monotone-im 6 years old and scared way)
Adam: "so cute honey! Did I ever tell you that by grade 4 I had all the verses of in Flanders Field Memorized"
me: (fibbing) no.
Adam: ...(performs it perfectly)
me: "you know, I think we've had this exact conversation before"
Adam: "me too"
me: Are we getting stale? no new stories? is that bad do ya think?
Adam: "No honey, that is the thing about Love. We've shared all of our stories from the past, and now all of the new exciting stories are together. We are making the new stories, now"
me: " I could die you are so perfect, thats exactly right. Not only do we have the safety & security of knowing each others past & all the charming stories, but we are making a million new ones together. Hand in Hand.
Isnt Love Grand? (that is why he's my best friend. He's so smart.)
(.. and makes great cookies.)

--------------- in about a weeks time, this blog will be so full with wedding photos it will make your eyes hurt (but in a seriously good way). At the moment we are just finishing up a gazillion orders and what not, and enjoying every moment.------------------------- sneak peek of what is to come.....