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-by Radelle

This was my first time on a real business trip alone. ALONE. Adam & I always travel for weddings & business together (and we LOVE it!!). No exceptions. But this time there was no adam, just lil ol me. Things were looking good. I woke up to my 5 alarms, found parking at the airport and looked stylish (pink fall coat, pink & white floral scarf & pink zebra print handbag with jeans and pointy toed shoes...if you MUST know) was at the security/immigrations desk (which may I just say is totally trippy.I mean 10 ft ago i was in Canada, and now
im supposedly in the states, being treated like a escapee from unsolved mysteries....

mean security lady: "Where are you going?"
me: "um Seattle"
mean security lady: "that sounds like a question. dont you know where you are going?"
me. "yes" (much more business like) "Seattle for sure" (akward laugh)
mean security lady: What are you going there for?
me: work
mean security lady: "what is work?" (eyes rolling)
me: oh I shoot weddings.
mean security lady: (eyes alarmed. only hearing the word "shoot") what?!
me: Oh, not *whispered* Shoot, I mean photograph. Yes. Im a very very professional photographer. Not a *whispered* *gasp* shooter at all. nope. not me. nothing to do with shooting *nervous akward laughter*.... (eyes avoiding akward
eyecontact...they go up to the right.,,or wait, is that the sign that someone IS lying....or is it up to the left....)
mean security lady: long akward pause as she studies if i can hold her gaze (which of course I cant, I mean im looking up to the right.......) .......akward time wondering if I should break out pictures of rockwell so that she sees that im not a criminal, cause criminals dont have kids, right? RIGHT?? ..... (breaks into a smile) you have a nice trip. GOOD LUCK.
me: (flood of relief. breath again)Thanks! this is my first time on a business trip alone.
mean security lady: I couldnt tell (thick sarcasm).