Rollerblading Hotshot - Kari-

The other day my hubby, Matthew, came home from work... I felt like I needed to stretch my legs and I told him that I wanted to go running (which shocked him, because he knows I am not a all..), however, once I explained that I want to put on my rollerblades and have him run while I hang on to the back of his shirt, it all made sense to him ;) Now, let me just say... I am terrible at rollerblading. No really. I haven't busted those sweet puppies out since last year (i rode them once last year- so no improvement to be had).
But I wanted to start it up again and have it as my new primary form of exercise. Sitting on our front step I laced up those rollerblades perfectly- stood up on my wobbly legs and I clung onto Matt's arm.
O Heavens.. what have i gotten into!
Any little twig or small pebble on the sidewalk made me nervous and I told Matt to slow this action down just a little bit and I woiuld proceed very cautiously and 'step over' the obstacles. 20 minutes goes by and Matt is still my main support... In a rash decision I decided to venture away from the womb- I let go of my safety hold. I was building up speed on the smooth sidewalk...
I felt the wind through my
I turn my head around to give my hubby a 'Look at me!' smile,
and as I was turning my head back to 'starting' position...
I saw it..
I saw the curb...
I saw the curb that could cause my death...ok, I am being dramatic, but still.

Not knowing how to slow down...
I looked back at Matt and give him this look as if 'oh sweet mother of mercy..what have I done..?? HELP ME!!!'
but I knew there was not enough time...
Matt see's my dilema
and he yells in a concerned voice
'Jump the curb!!'
and I had no choice...time was up..
So I did what I had to
I jumped.

and I landed..

now, it didnt look glamerous, or professional by any means but the fact still remains- I cleared a 4 inch jump...
and landed on my very first run of the season!

As I laid my head on my pillow that night... I looked over at Matt and said in all seriousness... " I bet you didnt know you married a 'rollerblading hotshot' " He chuckled to himself and said

'Goodnight Babe'

Since we all know that blogs posts are boring without pictures... here are a few from a recent wedding I shot.