Late last fall as wedding season was slowing down (that being said, we had more winter weddings then ever!), I said to Adam "I handled that awesome hey?" (I do most of the post processing, which means hours on the computer having a love affair with photoshop). To which he replied, "um, yah, not bad honey".
"WHAT??" Not bad? I thought? Every single bride received her images on time (if not early), every album was perfect, emails we answered the same day, I was on top of my game. A Olympian (you have no idea how many times I re-spelled that) of the computer. Before I stood on my coffee table and made myself a paper-chain faux medal, he replied "You just seemed a little frazzled. You needed more time for you".
I may or may not admit that tears welled up in my eyes (innocent until proved guilty of course).
Did he just call me out? Speak the truth, albeit in his every gentle & kind way....
I slowly got off my coffee table and said "your right. I needed balance"
So what did I learn? What did I do differently this year? Truth?
I have learned (and am still perfecting) the art of balance. Editing images in the morning, and then if its an especially hot day, taking my son to the beach does not equal bad & unmotivated. No, it equals smart. I come back to my work, refreshed, renewed, fulfilled and with the energy of my toddler.
I shoot weddings because I love them. I edit the photos and love it.
But I also know that "we give our lives to that which we give our time".
Photoshop will never love me back.
Rockwell & Adam will.
Therefore, I have learned how to put myself & my little family first, take the odd bike ride (while brewing up new pose ideas!), and just love life.
Because in loving life, I am a better mother, wife, friend and photographer.
That happiness is contagious and as such, it shows in my clients images. and that makes me happy.
and once again, not a single bride has had to wait. In fact, most have had their photos early.
Funny how it all works out.
Peace = Beauty