Extravaganza Albums! (the Deluxe Album)

Featured below is the main 10x10 album with the 5x5 leather parents album

We are so excited about this album! Words cannot express how truly stunning it is. We insist on searching the world over for the best, and this my Brides (and grooms), is it. All our Flush Mount Albums are made with full panoramic pagespreads, with no seam in the middle of the book. This allows for a perfect presentation of your stunning and glamerous wedding photos. Lamination and square corners are standard on all our custom made albums. All our prints are coated with a clear, water-based lacquer prior to the mounting process. The lacquer is stain and water resistant. As such, this Flush Mount Album is built to last, ensuring years of memories to come. in real simple terms: It is an investment, but you should Get it, you will love it and cherish it for your lifetime! (and so will your kids, and their kids, and their kids...) (besides it is ultra-chic to show your friends. Take tissues to wipe their joyous/jealous tears!)

Your album will be in a color that compliments your wedding photos. The binding and back are leather, with a covered photo front...
We have a designer (actually a team of sisters in the states, they are amazing) who handles all of this for us!) who does every album custom. The work that they put into these masterpieces is amazing!

Super thick, durable pages. This is what is hot right now!
The parents album is 5x5, leather, and exactly the same in every other way as the Bride's album. Same pictures/layout, quality etc. It is so lovely. Your momma will be sooo proud to take it around and show it off!

The two albums...Pricing
- The 10x10 Bride's album is included in the Extravaganza Package
- Parents albums are $199 each
-To buy an album a la carte (if you didnt get the extravaganza package) is $699.00. With parents albums being $199 each. Album upgrade for the Ever After package is $499, with parents albums being $199 each.