Darling Couple (Pigeon Lake & Camrose Wedding Photography)

I loved this wedding! The bride and groom had put a lot of prep and work into their wedding, and yet on the "day of" they just relaxed and had fun. It sure shows in their pictures. On top of that, they brough along their green VW van and puppy to the "formals". We are always telling people to do things like this, things that personalize your pictures, making them tell your story even more.

The bride's something "blue". Darling Darling shoes. My heart lept when I saw them!
Her dress was exquisite...This girl was even more darling in real life then she looks!
ring exchange
so, it started to rain a little...ok alot during the ceremony!
But, a super awesome groomsmen jumped to duty!I LOVE this shot. This was right after the "i do" kiss!
the "men" looking super cool and stylish (they were sooo fun!)

the groom got his groomsmen custom made (and labeled) baseball bats!

The lovely, giggly girls

oh yah, the super snazzy van

isnt she something?
He was pretty awesome as well!

having fun!

some romantic shots....

their "baby"!

This shot makes me want to get married all over again. its so soft, so intimate, so gentle, so In Love!


Now, lets crank the fun-o-meter even higher!!!

she just adores him. he makes her giggle so cute!

Pigeon Lake village
Work it girl!