Pigeon Lake Mulhurst Wedding Photography

This wedding was Adam's booking, however I had some time after my wedding, so I joined him for the "romance portraits". This couple was a lot of fun, and the bride was such a pleasure to shoot! Being a model, she knew how to work the camera and that made our job so much easier. So enjoy a small sneak peek of a stunning girl and her handsome groom.

--*update*: this was emailed to us:
"So, I have seen the sneak peek of our photos and I'm SOOO excited to see the rest of them. You've captured my one of a kind dress beautifully and seeing them makes me wanna smooch my new husband asap!! He's so cute!
You two were fun to work with and we liked how you tease each other about who has the better shots/ideas.
Sorry, for the "rushed" goodbye after our session. I really wanted to hug you both! I owe you hugs. LOL
We're having a post wedding BBQ up north for more of Sheldon's family members..hope to be able to take the pics up there with us!
Thank you again..we'll be recommending you to everyone!! :o)
Congratulations on beautiful baby #2!! -Michelle"

Starting out with Radelle's shots: (adam set up almost all of the poses, so most credit goes to him :)

She designed her amazing dress

madly in love

the girls!

I love this shot! I think it is sooo romantic.

A lovely portrait

I love catching real expressions. I would have this one (or the one below) enlarged huge and custom framed above my bed...
And now onto Adams....