Some Answers to some Questions....

Wow! Has our email ever been busy since the Bridal Conference (held in Edmonton last Sunday).
Dates are going very quickly for 2008 and we are even taking some bookings into 2009! So if you are interested in booking us, don't delay or you may not be able to get us.
We are getting a few of the same questions over and over and so we'd thought we'd do a blog post to answer them!
The DVD you recieve from us with all of your images, hand touched to perfection is unmarked, no stamps, copyright logos, or advertising. The images on there are for you to enjoy, and as such they do not have any sneaky marks on them! We love giving our clients their Digital Negatives for them to do with what they wish!
More on that (and why getting your negatives is so important, and why some photographers dont give them) here

The other question that we keep getting, is why are our prices better then our competitors? Our work is fabulous and high quality, but our prices are not through the roof. Well, in a couple of words...we do not believe that the wedding industry needs to be a rip off. We believe in treating our couples fairly, giving them an amazing product at an affordable price. Stunning photos should not just be for those with a $5000 photography budget! We love to treat our couples like Gold and keeping our prices reasonable is one of the ways we do that. More on this here.

That is why we fill up quickly. Beautiful photographs, Fair Prices, Fun Photographers, and Treating our Brides & Grooms like Gold!

Happy Wedding Planning!
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