Time to answer the questions...

Exquisite Fine Art Photography

We have just been crazy busy with answering emails and calls about wedding bookings for 2008. I am getting all kinds of questions (the usual) and it made me think that I should probably post a few thoughts on how we work and how we are different then other photographers. First of all, be sure you are getting a true professional. Above all, look at their work. Anyone can buy a camera and a business card. Make sure you are picky and only hire a professional for your Special Day.
The main way that we are different is that we offer the negatives on DVD all hand-touched to perfection so that you can do with them what you wish. You can still order prints, enlargements and albums (we have a stunning variety!) through us, however you also have the option of saving money by printing some yourself (and copying the disc for family members!). We have an elaborate post-production process that ensures that each and every single image is perfect, and ready to print. Some photographers say they won't give you the negatives because they want to make sure they are printed in good, consistant quality. Of course that make sense. However we give our clients the names of high-end places to get their photos printed (the same places that many photographers use!). So that is not a worry of ours. We also believe that our photographs are works of Exquisite Fine Art. A photofinishing place would have to mess up pretty bad to make them look bad! We pride ourselves on giving you discs of amazing photos!

Photographers used to shoot in film (and some still do). Having to pay for high-end film and photo finishing and developing in the lab, the costs can add up. Nowadays, however, we're in the digital age. This has proven to be much more superior in photo manipulation and has decreased cost of covering a full day wedding. This enables us to shoot without limits and cover your whole day from Bride prep to 3rd Dance efficiently and economically. So we've transferred those savings on to the client. Some competitors have made the switch to digital, but haven't adjusted their prices accordingly.
Some photographers offer you your image files, but they are often not touched up (or barley), or they are low-resolution files (which means you MIGHT be able to print a 4x6 at best!).

Often we find that other photographers don't like that we are able to offer our clients a DVD of perfect images. They rely on nickle-and-diming their clients with enlargements and reprints. They want you to pay for the physical prints, frames or albums at huge markups (often making it sound like a whole magical and mystical experience of art & beauty). We are in the business of pleasing Brides and Grooms, not creating smoke and mirrors to justify high prices! As such we are constantly in demand. We do not believe the wedding industry should be a rip off. You are a should be treated like Gold, not have to watch your back at every turn!! In our opinion, in the modern world, our Brides and Grooms are savy and mature. They know what they want, and what they don't want is the old-fashioned way of doing things. They want all of our works of art at their finger tips. And we give it to them. All ready to go, perfect! After all, we pride ourselves on being with the times, hip, chic and on top of what Modern day chic couples desire! We feel our gallery and albums speak for themselves....

Just quickly here a few other answers to questions we regularly get:

  • Unlimited locations. We will travel from bride's hotel, to ceremony, to park, to stables, to river, to mountains :), to reception....... for no extra fee. Its your day. We are there to photograph it into beautiful works of art. Not put limits on it!
  • Unlimited shots. We shoot all day long, every moment that matters, every funny expression, every tear, all the details you've poured your soul into. Everything. It makes us wonder why some photographers limit the amount of shots they take? There is so much beauty to capture!
  • We rarely charge travel fees. Our prices are our prices. There are no hidden fees. We are not about that. We try to make wedding photography as easy on our couples as possible! Again we don't believe in nickle-and-diming our clients to death! We love our Brides & Grooms and treat them that way!

What makes you different from other photographers?

Well besides everything written above?!!
Essentially, We’re fun,and love being as creative as we can. We are romantics at heart and put as much thought and care into your wedding as we would our own! We want your jaws to drop in amazement when you see your pictures. on to respond to a new batch of booking inquires!!! We will spend the evening in the office replying if need be, but dont fear you will hear from us shortly! Promise. It's part of treating you like Gold....