My beautiful brunette Bride

I just LOVED shooting brooke! She was so happy, upbeat and able to pose so well. She just worked so many different looks with little direction. A natural. Not to mention I loved, loved, loved her hair-do and have tried to do it on myself a couple of times (yes, just to wear around the office! :)

She emailed me this today and it totally, totally made my day!!!:

Hi Radelle, How is everything going? I got your package the other day.....WOW! There are so many AMAZING pictures. I want to print every single one and put them up somewher in my house! I had so much fun with you and the photos show it! Your an a amazing photographer and I just wanted to thank you for everything! My friends and family are all asking about you and commenting on your work! "Who was your photographer, where did you find her"..etc! So i hope that I can bring you more work in the future. Well anyways i just thought I would let you know that I received your package and I am so excited to see the album. (I am so glad you picked the pictures, i would not have been able to pick, so many perfect ones!)
Thanks Radelle, Talk to you soon
Love Brooke