Its in the details

When we shoot your wedding, we try so hard to make the pictures reflect you, your personality and your unique love. This really isnt hard to do, despite the fact that we shoot so many weddings, because we are passionate about what we do. When we are shooting for you, we literally imagine our shots on the walls of your home, you passing them in the hallway and feeling those same tender feelings for your hubby all over again. Your little ones looking at them and saying "how come you are kissing" or "mommy you looked like a princess". We really believe that we are creating art for your home. This was really realised today as we recieved this email from a bride from about a month ago...

Wow Radelle,
Thank-you so much for the photos. You did such a wonderful job as always.
I started looking at them at work and had to stop at about the 10th one (
the one with my shoes beside my dad's cowboy boots)because I was crying.
It was the little things and the precious moments you captured which made
the pictures so great and memories we will look back on for years to come.
I don't know how we will ever pick our favorite pictures. It was amazing
the number of people who asked me that day and are still asking who out
photographer was because of the unique shots you took and how easy going
you were. You made it fun.
Thank-you again Radelle. We look forward to seeing you at more weddings in
the future:)
Tyler and Kim