Lash Strengthener Giveaway!!!

Beautiful lashes can make such a huge difference in photos. So much so, that we recommend brides wear fake lashes (they can range from natural looking, to very dramatic) on their wedding day, as it just makes their eyes "pop" in the photos...and nothing is more romantic then a nice bed of lashes during a coy looking down pose. It just adds beauty. But how much better if a Bride could actually grow those lashes!!
Then you could have them on your honeymoon! Even in the ocean!
A blog that we love to read is doing a give-away of a fantastic lash conditioner. The product tester (totally independant of the seller) tried out the product and noticed a HUGE difference (and this girl seems obsessed with nice lashes...and thus picky)!
Read about it and enter it here. Its a $120 giveaway!
and stay tuned to this blog! In about 2 weeks time we will start catching up on such a busy busy summer of lovely weddings! yay!!!