My "trashy" Bride

I can't wait to see your pictures! I can't believe you were right in
there with us, taking paintball hits for a good photo :)
I hope you didn't get paintball all over your car on the way home!

I have to say, if anyone ever wants to trash a wedding dress, paintball
is definitely the way to go! I took it straight to the garage last night
and this weekend we are nailing it to the wall on the garage.
I have some pretty good war wounds this morning. Can't quite bend my
left knee all the way. But it was for a good cause. I will remember
Trashing my wedding dress with you for forever! Thank you so much for
coming with us. You were a lot of fun and you froze the event in time so
we can remember it forever and share it with friends and family that
couldn't be there with us. I can't wait to see the photos...they are
going to be too fun!

I suggest this to every bride out there. Don't throw your dress in a box
in the attic. Your first born daughter will not want to wear it in 20
years for her wedding. And you will never look at it again. Pick
something you have always wanted to do (for me it was paintball) and
dress up in your gown and go for it! It was a great time and Radelle was
so fun!

Thanks Radelle! That was a great night and we will remember it for
Your trashy bride,