Krystal and Booker

Well this last weekend, we had the privledge of photographing Krystal and Booker's wedding. It was fantastic. These two mean so much to us, and we are so happy for them.
This is just the tinest sneak preview, and there will be MUCH more to come as we get the images proofed.
We just want Booker & Krystal to know that we wish the all the best in the world from the bottom of our hearts.
Their reception was stunning. Roses everywhere. The colors were deep red and Gold and they had the most exquisite Red and Gold silky chair covers (everywhere!), matching charger plates and napkins. To add even more class, they had a rose across the plate of all of the women/girls. Before the dance, they had a program. It was so entertaining! Cloggers, tap dances, songs by incredibly singers, etc.
What an amazing evening, with a breathtaking venue. I overheard everyone talking about how beautiful it was in there, not to mention how much they enjoyed the program.
So, here is just a quick glance. Check back in about 5 days for TONS more!!!!!!!
God Bless you Two!