Trash the Dress Winner

We Have a Winner!!Well the Trash-The-Dress contest is over and we have a winner. See details from the contest here

This girl's application was fantastic. Below are some excerpts from her application. It had me laughing at how real she is, how candid, and how much fun she would be! (im sure danny will be fun as well :) The application was sprinkled with fun photos of the two of them in various situations! I am very excited to photograph these two (on their wedding day, and after--trashing the dress!). Thank you to everyone who entered this contest, it was an absolute blast reading through the applications!!! (and we love having a blast!!)
More contests to come, stay posted & check back regularly!!
My fiancé and I are always looking for something fun to do. We me out with a group of friends snowboarding and it has been love ever since! Now we are planning our big day and it is so much fun! I am so excited Eternal Reflections will be there with us. Just by the look on their web page and ideas like this great contest, we know they will be a blast to hang out with all day! ...
I think this “Trash your Dress Contest” is a great idea! I have no intention of keeping my dress but I want it to retire in style! I keep telling my fiancĂ©, Danny, that it is going to become my house dress. I’ll do everything around the house with it, including mow the lawn! I think he is just happy that I will still be doing stuff around the house! ...
I think with Eternal Reflection’s help this will be the funnest photo session I have ever been in! Thinking of what they will make me do and how crazy my dress will look at the end of that has me day dreaming constantly; It has become a part of many conversations with my friends and family.

I definitely see myself as a free spirit and I can’t wait to see what Eternal Reflections has in store for me! I hope we can get a good muddy day, go for a rollerblade, a bike ride, climb a tree or 2, you name it! The ideas are endless! I am so much looking forward to it!

Yours in dress trashing,