Day After Wedding Session

who says you’ll only wear the dress once?!
Day-After Session

We are receiving a lot of interest in this feature that we offer! It has definitely grown in popularity the past few years, but some people still are not sure “what it is?”
So let us explain...
The day-after session is just that. It is essentially a 2.5 hour session of the Bride and Groom on a day OTHER than their wedding day.
Couples love the Day After option for a few reasons.
First of all, it gives them a stress free wedding day. They have their ceremony, grab a drink with their wedding party...hit the park for a picnic, anything but pose for pictures! And then head to their reception. They can just “enjoy” their day and take it easy.
Another reason that people are jumping on board with this option is because it gives them a day (where there is less nerves and pressure) to really have a lot of fun with their photo session. They are more adventures (care a lot less about getting dirty!), and they love that the time is not rushed in any way and that we can go to a huge variety of locations. One of the most popular ways to use the day after package is to find a textured (think brick) wall/area and do some Urban (fashion shoot looking) photos. Then we hit the park for the scenic romantic photos. From there we go to a building with a magestic look with pillars (such as the legislative building). Then we generally hit the golf course, stables, hiking paths, even the quad trails (on quad!!) have been done.

Another way this Day-After session is being used is by couples who had another photography company shoot their wedding, and they were not happy with their photos! Such was the case of the couple featured above, they hired a local photographer and were dissatisfied with their pictures. Then they contacted us. They used our Day- After feature and we spent the 2.5 hours getting them the photos the have always dreamed of! Unfortunately we have been doing a fair bit of this. There are a lot of Photographers out there with very little experience with wedding photography, and as such people are unhappy with their photos. Our Day After service has been a Godsend to a lot of local couples. We are always pleased to be able to make couples feel better and give them gorgeous pictures!! You deserve Exquisite Fine Art Wedding Pictures!

Lastly, a lot of couples are opting for this instead of the Bridal Session, because it is nearly the same price, and because we have 2.5 hours to work with, we have plenty of time to get stunning shots of the Bride then. Thus eliminating the need for the formal Bridal Session (and saving money!)

So...As you can see, the “formals” become even more fun and more relaxed. The photos are die for.... as you look in love (which you are!!), look like you are having fun (which you are!!!), and look relaxed (which you are!!!).

You can add this feature to any of packages, just let us know!

p.s. On this note, a lot of our Brides are becoming interested in the “trash the dress” phenomenon (more on that later). If this is you, we are up for it! (for those of you who dont know what this is, it is a new popular thing Brides are doing rather than cleaning their dresses and packing them away for 30 years.) Essentially the Brides get down a dirty with little regard for their dress. They ride around horseback, go play in the water, etc. The pictures are incredible, but it is certainly not for everyone, and best left for the “day after” session!
Day After Session (mon-fri 2.5 hours) $400